Qualifications FAQs

What examinations does WIDA offer?

WIDA offers examinations for the TCRG (step dance teacher) and TMRF (ceili dance teacher) qualifications (minimum candidate age: 16, minimum completion age: 18). Alternatively, candidates can go through the grade system (Grades 1-11, minimum candidate age 7 for lower grades, 18 for grades 10 & 11), by the end of which candidates will be awarded their TMRF (Grade 10) and TCRG (Grade 11) certificates. Candidates must hold both the TCRG and TMRF qualifications to apply to the ADCRG (adjudicator) training programme. Only qualified ADCRGs can be subsequently selected at WIDA’s discretion to participate in the SGD (Grade Examiner – scrúdaitheair grad damhsa) and MRS (múinteoirí rince scrúdaitheair) training programmes.

When are the application deadlines for exams?

The application deadline is at least one month before the exam date (the precise date will be advertised before the exam session). Dates can vary on a regional basis – with some exam sessions, we need to plan in advance as flights for examiners etc. can be expensive if left closer to the time. It is imperative to know how many people are taking part so that we can plan appropriately.

Are late applications accepted?

Only in exceptional circumstances – i.e. if slots are still available in the exam session. To guarantee that your application is accepted, apply on time!

How do I apply for exams and Seminars?

You can apply for exams and seminars online by filling out the Exam and Seminar Registration form.

When and How do I pay for exams?

You have to pay the fees in full by credit card when registering for the exams. It is no longer possible to pay on the day.

What do I need to learn for my exams?

Please see the WIDA examination syllabi.

What should I expect in my exams?

Candidates will be called in to dance solos individually – with the exception of exam sessions where several dancers are dancing the same dances (i.e. traditional sets), where the dance will be examined as if being judged at a feis. Candidates will be called in in groups to dance ceilis. Grade candidates will be called in individually to answer their Irish language and culture questions. All candidates will sit written exam papers at the same time (subject to timetabling). Although each exam will only take a total of approx. 30mins, please allow half a day to a whole day in case exams are running late, in case the separate parts of your exam are not scheduled consecutively and in case you are needed to dance in someone else’s exam (i.e. in a ceili team). Please ensure that you are available for the entire duration of the exam session (i.e. day or weekend) until the timetable has been released. We cannot always accommodate particular wishes with regard to exam times and will only accommodate particular requests in extenuating circumstances.

What resources can I use for my exams?

WIDA recommends the use of Ar Rince Foirne (Irish ceili dance book) for all ceilis except for the Tara Reel, for which WIDA has provided a notation.

What do I need to wear/bring to my exams?

As you will be dancing, please wear sporty clothing as you would usually wear to dance training and your softshoes & hardshoes. We strongly recommend wearing the WIDA beginner uniform or plain black. Candidates outfits must not contain any indication of their dance school.
We recommend bringing your ceili book and a personal music player – so you have resources to practice/revise with in waiting times. Please ensure you have water and anything else that you would usually need for dance training. It’s always a good idea to bring a pen for your written exams – just in case!

When & how do I get my exam results?

It can take approx.6-8 weeks after your exam date for you to receive your results. It takes this amount of time since the examiners need to compile and consolidate their results (after flying home!) and they need to pass the results on to Anne Westerweg (Examinations Coordinator), who will check (i.e. with regard to previous exam passes/fails & dates of birth, etc.) and update her records before sending the individual results to the respective candidates. Candidates will receive results by e-mail – to the e-mail address that they have submitted with their application. If your e-mail address changes, please notify the Examinations Coordinators ASAP. The results will include a letter, an interim certificate for successful candidates and a detailed breakdown of your exam results (including marks for each section and judges comments).

When are certificates awarded?

Certificate award ceremonies are only held for candidates who have successfully passed all four parts of the TCRG/TMRF or have completed ADCRG training. Candidates who have passed an individual part of a TCRG/TMRF qualification are not awarded a certificate, but will be sent a digital certificate with their results. Grade exam candidates will usually receive their certificates on the day of their exam, if they have passed. Sometimes, due to logistical difficulties, exams will have to be sent by post. Similarly, TCRG/TMRF/ADCRG certificates for candidates who cannot attend the annual award ceremony (usually held at the WIDA World Championships) will be sent their certificates by post. Please ensure you have provided the correct address with your application and/or notify the Examinations Coordinator if your address has changed. Candidates due certificate awards will be notified before the ceremony. If you are due a certificate and have not received one, please contact Anne Westerweg (Examinations Coordinator).

What happens if I fail my exams?

If you fail your exams, you may apply to resit them. Exam fees will not be refunded for candidates who have failed their exams. Resits will be subject to the same fees as the original exams. In some cases, candidates will only fail one part of an exam (i.e. pass written part and fail practical, or vice versa). In these cases, candidates may only have to resit the section that they have failed (at the discretion of the examiners).

Can I get a refund on my exam application?

Exam fees, once paid, are non-refundable. However, exam fees can be returned in extenuating circumstances, for example if an exam session is cancelled by WIDA. Please contact the Examinations Officers if you require any further information. You can, however, defer your application to the next exam session. Exam applications may only be deferred in writing to the Examinations Coordinators prior to the exam session date.

If I defer my exam session (either through personal choice or WIDA postponing an exam session), what happens to my money?

If you choose to defer your exam session, please contact Rachel Gibbins who will note on your application that you have deferred and that your exams are already paid for for the next session. You will need to confirm that you wish to participate in the following exam session in the same location or notify Rachel of the exam session to which you wish to defer. If you have to defer since WIDA has cancelled an exam session, you may choose whether to defer your application or request a refund. Please contact Rachel Gibbins to notify WIDA of your choice. Should you wish to receive a refund, please contact Daniela Nitsche with your proof of payment.

Where can I find the contact details for the Exam Coordinators/my Regional Development Representative etc.?

Please see the contacts page.