ADCRG Training

General & Eligibility

To become a certified adjudicator with WIDA a candidate must be at least 23 years of age to begin the training process and must hold both the TCRG and TMRF certificates. A candidate must be at least 25 years of age to be a certified adjudicator and must have attained a standard set by WIDA to show competence and skill at the tasks required to be a successful adjudicator.
There are no examination requirements as candidates have already shown sufficient knowledge of Irish Dance by achieving their TCRG and TMRF certification.

The training period is two years minimum during which candidates must attend three nominated events per year where they are assessed as they 'judge' the competitions. The candidates sit with a certified adjudicator at the event who shows them the tasks involved and at the end of the event writes a report for WIDA on the skill levels and knowledge observed of the candidate (It will be a different certified adjudicator for each report.)

NEW: To attain the ADCRG certification the candidates are required to attend at least two ADCRG workshops. Following the initial two training workshops, ADCRGs must attend training workshops at least once every four years.
If training is not kept up to date, you will not be used to adjudicate WIDA feiseanna/Oireachtasaì.

At the end of the two year period the reports are assessed and the candidates interviewed before they sit as an adjudicator at one final event before they are fully certified with WIDA.
If it is felt that a candidate may need further training, the candidate will be informed of the areas where their lack of experience is holding them back, and extra coaching on this area will be provided.
When the candidates have reached a sufficient skill level and completed the requirements they will become approved and certified WIDA adjudicators.