Preliminary Schedule World and International Championships and International Grade Feis 2018

Please note that the final timetable may differ from schedule based on entries (as numbers will determine time required for each age group). We advise booking accordingly keeping in mind that timetable changes are possible.

Thursday, April 5th 2018:
International Grade Feis and Premierships

Friday, April 6th 2018: Team Competitions
2-, 3- and 4- Hand competitions of International Grade Feis
4-Hand Championships
Ceili Championships
Figure Championships
Traditional Set Championships

Saturday, April 7th 2018:
International and World Solo Championships up to either under 14 or under 15 depending on entry
World Show Championship

Sunday, April 8th 2018:
World Solo Championships from either under 15 or under 16 to Senior depending on entry
Closing ceremony and announcement of 2019 venue