The following is the constitution and objectives of this organisation. All rules and targets will change as required by the national and continental laws of the areas in which we operate and as we grow and develop into a larger organisation. This current version will give all readers an idea of our aims and minimises any misunderstandings that may ensue.

TITLE The name of this organisation is the 'STICHTING WORLD IRISH DANCE ASSOCIATION', hereafter referred to as WIDA.

OBJECTIVE The objective of WIDA is to preserve the history and promote the future of Irish Dancing including Step Dancing, Celli-Dancing and other team dancing as well as the culture, language and music of Ireland.

FUNCTIONS In order to achieve its objectives WIDA may undertake any or all of the functions outlined in the following sections.

  • Register, organise and promote competitions in Irish dance and decide the conditions to be fulfilled to obtain such registration.
  • Register and re-register annually under certain conditions the following persons or feiseanna.
  1. Step dancing teachers
  2. Ceili-Dancing teachers
  3. Adjudicators of dance
  • Pupils or classes of registered teachers to which certain WIDA rules will be confined
  • Feiseanna (competitions)
  • Decide the appropriate qualifications necessary, the conditions to be complied with and the amount and due date of fee payable in order to register with WIDA as a teacher or adjudicator.
  • Devise and implement rules to be complied with (allowing for international law practice) by the following categories of persons or feiseanna.
  1. Registered Teachers
  2. Registered Adjudicators
  3. Registered pupils and classes
  4. Feiseanna
  • Hold qualifying examinations, gradings or tests, should these be considered necessary by WIDA, for persons wishing to become registered with WIDA for the first time as teachers or adjudicators of dancing and decide the programmes, qualifying standards and the conditions of entry of those examinations, gradings or tests.
  • Devise and implement programmes for the distribution of accurate information concerning Irish dancing (step, ceili and other team dancing) and its history by all appropriate means.
  • Organise and hold dance championships at which World, International, Continental, National and Regional championships in Irish dancing will be awarded in different age groups.
  • Organise and promote activities which advance the participation and awareness of Irish culture, music, language and dance and are not contrary to any of the provisions or spirit of this constitution.